Deep Shadows Announces Optimization of White Gold and Precursors for Intel-based Multi-core Processor Systems
Company: Deep Shadows
Kiev, Ukraine, 16 July 2008.

Deep Shadows, a well-known developer of next-gen PC and console products from the Ukraine, announced today that it successfully implemented full-fledged support for multi-core processor systems, based on Intel® Threading Building Blocks 2.0 (TBB).

After joining the Intel® Software Partner Program, Deep Shadows decided that their in-house Vital Engine and games created on its base should fully support multi-threading and the use of multi-core processors. This is especially important for Xbox360 products, which must use all 3 processor cores of the console. At the same time, Intel Corporation provided a convenient and easy-to-use option for the developer – Intel® TBB 2.0.

“Any current top-quality game engine must use all available cores for handling game worlds smoothly and efficiently” said Roman Lut, technical director of Deep Shadows. “We’ve researched the problem thoroughly and found out that Intel’s software libraries offer the most comprehensive and effective solution for performance scaling. Although we considered RapidMind and Jibu for our cross-platform multi-threading development we found that Intel® TBB offered the easiest programming model, extensive support including active forums and good documentation, and an open source code base; all backed by Intel. Because an open source version of TBB exists we were able to easily port it to Xbox360 and achieve scalability without reprogramming to take advantage of it three-core architecture. Now our games will work equally well both on Xbox360 and multi-core PCs with Intel® multi-core technology enabled.”

“TBB is the most effective solution for C++ developers targeting any multi-core processor platform including, thanks to Deep Shadows, game optimized PCs and game consoles,” said James Reinders, director, Intel Software Development Products. “Deep Shadows has the respect and thanks of the TBB community for their contributions.”

Due to the optimization of Vital Engine for Intel® multi-core technology, the FPS rate in both titles was raised by 40% and the background resource loading was made totally transparent. The support of Intel® Multi-core Technology in the projects of Deep Shadows allowed the developers to decrease the initial game loading time and the time of loading saved games.

About Deep Shadows:
Deep Shadows was founded in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2001 by a group of game developers who previously worked at GSC Game World. The first title from Deep Shadows – Boiling Point: Road to Hell – was released by Atari in 2005. Shortly afterwards Deep Shadows launched the development of two more projects for next-gen consoles and PC. Already dubbed “a classic right there” by PC Zone, and “one hell of a game” by 360 Magazine, White Gold, an FPS/RPG set in the modern-day Caribbean, is eagerly awaited by fans everywhere. Precursors, another smash hit project from Deep Shadows, “is a game which you should watch closely” according to IGN, seamlessly mixing the genres of RPG, FPS and Space Sim.