Heart of Empire: Rome - It Is a Rough Road That Leads to the Heights of Greatness
Company: Deep Silver
BASINGSTOKE, England (May 10th 2005) - International software publisher DEEP SILVER will be injecting a dose of history straight into the soul of this years E³ with HEART OF EMPIRE: ROME. Collaborated with renowned UK games developer DEEP RED, their combined experience and creative talents have mastered one of this years ground-breaking PCCD titles, suitably inspired by one of the greatest cities of all time.

For a chance to see the first ever screening and playable execution of Heart of Empire: Rome, take time out to visit the DEEP SILVER stand (724) situated in the South Hall and immerse yourself in the beautiful and authentic recreation of ancient Rome at the height of its power.

Build & control one of the greatest Empires of all time. Heart of Empire: Rome leads you through 14 vast missions as you lay the foundations of ancient Rome in glorious real-time 3D. From simple beginnings, quickly build housing for the growing population; meet the increasing desires for food, possessions and entertainment. Step out of the city and survey the Empire and its many provinces that supply the materials and for economic growth. Gain political influence with the Emperor and Senate to grasp their ultimate goal, POWER!

Every one of the 100,000 strong population has a story to tell, with needs and desires to be managed. Whether it's the simple needs of the poor or the extravagant desires of the rich, each must be managed accordingly. Provide suitable accommodation and drinking water or host gladiatorial games, chariot races and construct glorious temples to honour the Gods. Succeed and be showered with riches! Fail and prepare for riots!

Create a personalised city of Rome by selecting and placing over 100 unique buildings and structures. Pick and select where to build housing, amenities and commercial centres. Demolish old structures to make way for new buildings but be ready to handle any problems this may cause.

New levels of realism allow players to get closer to the action than ever before. Actually build and play in full 3D! A fully adjustable camera allows players to view the city from any angle. Zoom in and move through the bustling streets and dwellings or zoom out to observe the reminiscent land upon the seats of the gods. Select and follow citizens as they walk the cobbled streets. Pass down busy markets, see and hear the traders as they go about their business. Watch the vigiles, the city's fire brigade charge by as somewhere a house has caught fire. The action never stops for the city of Ancient Rome is truly alive!


State of the art 3D graphics take you right down into the heart of your Empire.

14 huge mission maps unfold before you as you build within ancient Rome.

Over 100 buildings and structures allows you to grow your city by supplying housing, amenities, commercial outlets & ornamental splendour.

Keep the different classes within your populace happy by supplying them the right types of food & goods or you'll have a riot on your hands!

Monitor & control the flow of materials from all four corners of your Empire to keep control of your city's economy.

Even the best run Empire can be hit by disasters, how well are you prepared to deal with fire, famine & disease?

Sponsor, organise & watch the drama of chariot racing unfold in the Circus Maximus, or manage your Gladiator battles in the Coliseum.

Run your city competently to gain favour with the Senate & grasp your ultimate goal, POWER!

Developed by DEEP RED and published by DEEP SILVER, HEART OF EMPIRE: ROME is exclusively distributed by KOCH MEDIA in UK, Germany and Italy.

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