Egosoft announces the X3: Terran Conflict 2.1 Update
Company: Deep Silver
X3: Terran Conflict 2.1 is now available! In this update we see the addition of a community-developed mission, written by Ketraar. This mission is called Treasure Hunt and will have you chasing your tail around the X-Universe looking for the next clue to lead you to what is arguably the ultimate prize. Speaking to Ketraar regarding the development of the mission, he said, "The Mission Director is a great tool and as an X-veteran, I wanted to bring a little nostalgia to TC through a mission. With Xenon_Slayer on hand to provide some guidance on the tricker parts of the mission's development, the process of making it was both educational and fun and I hope that gamers will find it as fun to play."

Also featured in this update is a much-awaited performance upgrade, which streamlines graphics rendering to produce better frame-rates and a generally smoother gameplay. This patch will also bring further improvements to Tractor Beam towing, the Universe Trader, a number of scripts and the 'mine minerals' command. For those of you who like to keep things ticking along while you do other things, this update also brings a new 'run in background' option, so you can chat to friends or surf the Egosoft forums while your factories churn out wares! If you're using this option, you may want to park your ship somewhere safe before you alt-tab out of the game - you could end up in an asteroid or 400km from the sector's centre! The update also adds a number of new Mission Director variables and attributes, in addition to a couple of script commands. There will also be more info available about marines in menus, as well as more ship information available in shipyard and HQ menus.

As well as adding in new content and features, we've also fixed some of those annoying little bugs. Some graphical and turret configuration issues have been fixed. The patrol and defend sector commands have also been fixed. Additionally the rear turret compatibility of the Springblossom has been reverted to its pre-2.0 configuration.

X3TC UPLINK Competitions

Stats Mean Prizes!

Now that you have had a chance to get used to the fact that you can save your game stats and upload them to the Egosoft servers and then see the results of your exploits both in league tables and in your personal profile, we think it's time to ratchet up the competition slightly - with a competition!

On a weekly basis we will invite you to upload your stats to a special UPLINK area, so that our panel of judges can determine if you have met the victory conditions for that week's competition. The criteria for each week's round could be anything from "the most stations destroyed" and "the most jumpdrive energy used" to "the most sectors found" during the competition period. We will tell you, of course, what the gameplay and victory conditions will be and also what prize you'll be playing for.

You will be given a gamestart to use (so you can assume you'll have to start a new clean game) and a goal to reach by the stated deadline. Important note: members of EGOSOFT staff and players of games with the **MODIFIED** tag in the player states will not be permitted to enter this competition.

More information available on:

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