Secret Files 3 - Mysterious Neolithic Cult in Turkey
Company: Deep Silver
Friday 29th10 June 2012 – Hampshire, UK/.. Massive pillars and ornate carved reliefs of animals – created by hunter-gatherers of the Neolithic Age? Nina's first journey in the adventure game Secret Files 3 takes her to a mysterious location in modern-day Turkey: 12,000 years ago, the monumental cultic site of Potbelly Hill (Göbekli Tepe) was erected here. The builders had no metal tools, no wheels, no beasts of burden, no pulleys; even the Pyramid of Cheops would not be built for another ten millennia. And yet stone-age people constructed a cultic site of this impressive magnitude. How is that possible?

Secret Files 3 takes players to the excavations at Potbelly Hill near Urfa – and provides an exciting fictional suggestion for a solution to the mystery. Max Gruber, the fiancé of adventure heroine Nina Kalenkow, vanishes just a few days before their wedding. When she sets out to search for him, Nina discovers hidden clues pointing to the excavation site and picks up the trail at Potbelly Hill. It turns out Max was doing his own secret research there – aided by his Turkish friend and colleague Emre Derdogan. Nina and Emre are playable by turns as they solve puzzles that sometimes require their cooperation, and venture further into the depths of the complex. What they discover there is really quite unthinkable – and yet the results of their measurements leave no room for doubt ...

Among others, the German Archaeological Institute today conducts research at Potbelly Hill. Only certain areas of the vast complex have been uncovered so far.

True to the tradition of the successful game series which has also featured the Tunguska event, Secret Files 3 weaves a gripping mystery story around these inexplicable phenomena.

German Archaeological Institute: ; ;

Secret Files 3 is out on PC on 14th September 2012.

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