Dejobaan Games Launches Epidemic Groove, Challenges Players to Construct Nanotech Defenses
Northborough, MA, May 17, 2005 - Dejobaan Games has released Epidemic Groove, a strategy-action hybrid for Windows. The game challenges players to create and evolve microscopic structures to fend off pathogens that are causing a worldwide epidemic.

Gameplay takes place under an electron microscope, and alternates between construction and invasion phases. During construction, players have 60 seconds to create defenses around a healthy brain cell to counter attack from viruses and bacteria. Using a drag-and-drop interface, players build a perimeter consisting of defensive walls, medical lasers, repair pylons, and other structures.

During the invasion phase, players have another 60 seconds to direct the perimeter's defenses against pathogenic attack. Gameplay during this phase changes based on the perimeter's construction. A configuration that's heavy on high-powered offensive pieces will require players to micromanage their offense, while a cleverly-designed defensive configuration will require less direct attention.

For those who prefer entirely action-oriented play, Epidemic Groove also provides an invasion-only Survival Mode, which pits players against waves of intruders.

Price and availability: Epidemic Groove is now available for $14.95, and can be ordered online at A 5-level demo of Epidemic Groove is available for download at

System requirements: Epidemic Groove requires Windows XP or 2000; an 800MHz or faster processor; 256MB of system memory (RAM) or more; an ATI Radeon 7000, Nvidia GeForce 2, or better graphics card, (a Vertex Shader 1.1- and Pixel Shader 1.1-capable card is recommended); and Microsoft DirectX 9c or higher.

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Evaluation copies are available upon request. Press kits are available at

Dejobaan Games is an independent, New England-based game development studio founded in 1999. Epidemic Groove is the studio's eleventh title to date.
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