Ad Infinitum - open-space MMO campaign on Indiegogo
Company: Digital Image
Zagreb, Croatia October 20, 2012. Independent game developer Digital Image has announced that their open-space arcade 4X MMO, Ad Infinitum, is being funded via a crowdfunding service Indiegogo ( Digital Image representatives hope that their idea of bringing all the best aspects of the genre in one game and placing it in a persistant MMO universe will attract various types of gamers and ensure their support for this tremendous undertaking.

Digital Image has announced that their alpha phase will take several months during which they will issue several regular mini-game releases to the public so that potential gamers have an understanding of the project.

Ad Infinitum plans to bring a universe based on real astronomical data but populate it with fictious environment of the future. Main part of the game will be a semi-arcade PvE integrated into a faction-based build-and-conquer environment.

About Ad Infinitum:
Ad Infinitum is an innovative and inspiring 4X (explore-expand-exploit-exterminate) open-space game with first and third person semi-arcade combat experience but with large faction-level asset and personel management. It brings the best from full-arcade games like rewarding playability but laces it with complex micromanagement issues of true 4X genre classics but simplifide by an intuitive and informative user interface.

About Digital Image:
Digital Image is a small independant developer that has the ambition and capability of delivering top-notch games and is not affraid of treading new ground. With great interest in astronomy and management games they bring those two worlds together mixed with a great experience of arcade space dogfighting.