Digital Jesters offer a Simple Lesson in Love
Just as the weekend begins and party goers are getting on their glad rags for a night on the town, Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters is offering an essential insight into the best way of winning with the ladies. The guidelines have been drawn up in accordance with the do's and don'ts of forthcoming PlayStation 2 title, 7 Sins – a saucy tale of wealth, greed, power corruption and sex with the hottest honeys in town.

Lesson 1 begins with the Dance Floor Diva, exemplified by the long legged and loose lipped Shauna.

Always the centre of attention, Shauna loves nothing better than a little bump and grind, so don't be afraid to get up close and personal as you shake your stuff on the centre of the dance floor. It's important to make her notice you, but not at the expense of your pride, or your pretty face.


Lighten things up with a sense of humour

Lie about your showbiz friends to make an impression with the star struck stunner

Shake your booty and be creative with your freestyle floor work

Make sure she knows exactly what game you're playing, but let her think she's winning

Suggest you take things a little further once the dance fever has worn off a little


Forget to check the gawping crowd for a mean and moody boyfriend in the shadows

Play for the sympathy vote – wimps and wusses need not apply with this lady

Upstage the starlet with your flash moves and funky style

Neglect to compliment her on her technique, in the club and behind closed doors

Pay attention to anyone else or you're sure to lose her affection

With a little confidence, a bit of perseverance and maybe a little alcohol to steady your nerves, Shauna can be yours – for the night, or longer if you play your cards right.

Those awaiting further education can look forward to seeing Lesson 2 next week.
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