DJ’s Offer a Touch of Class With Lesson 2 in Winning With the Ladies
Hitting the spot with the dance floor divas is one thing, but everyone knows that you need to carefully tailor your technique to suit the personalities and tastes of that fickle breed we call 'women'. While some of the more basic chat-up lines may work for the likes of last week's 7 Sins sex kitten Shauna, they're unlikely to get you more than a slapped face with the more sophisticated women of the world.

Thankfully, Digital Jesters are on hand with more tips and tactics to bed the bombshell of your dreams, as they proudly introduce the best thing to step from behind the iron curtain, 7 Sins Russian beauty Svetlana.

This Cossack Queen has made a small fortune appearing on the cover of Russian Babes magazine a staggering nine times, which has left her with a not so subtle sense of self importance. She was discovered by, and has since become virtually inseparable from silver screen star Bridget Harisson, though her motives for staying with Bridget may not be as honest as she claims.


Make sure she knows that you're more than just a wannabe on the celebrity circuit

Flash some cash and leave a healthy tip at the bar after every round

Sit down for a cosy meal and be prepared to pay for a little of everything

Have a quiet word with Bridget to act as an introducer

Pluck on her heart strings and tell a sob story to gain her affection


Try to break through the cold front with flattery and cheap compliments

Interrupt when her attention is focused on Bridget

Crack any jokes – she's not renowned for her sense of humour

Give up at the first hurdle, she's a tough one to break, but the results are worth the effort

Attempt any physical contact unless she's 100% in love – or you're likely to receive a slap in the face

Steadfast resilience, a few white lies and a wallet full of cold hard cash, and Svetlana will be weak at the knees and ready to fulfil your every desire. Look out for more characters and another lesson in love next week.

Gamers can get up close and personal with a diverse range of characters in some compromising situations in 7 Sins, which is due for release on PC CD-ROM and PS2 on May 20th 2005, priced £19.99 and £24.99 respectively.
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