The Perfect Recipe for Chaos
To cook up a totally unique strategy sensation follow these steps:

1 - Take a standard portion of RTS. Sieve until you are left with the core essentials, then stir gently while adding copious amounts of imagination, innovation and strategic cunning.

2 - Add a heavy dose of sporting management, remembering to sprinkle contract wrangles, wage disputes and sponsor dilemmas into the mix.

3 - Leaf through your big book of RPGs and then feeling inspired mould your baked shapes into a motley bunch of fearsome creatures whose ability to learn and develop is matched only by their penchant for rampant violence.

4 - Add a pinch of 80's styled footballing allegiance with crowd intimidation at its most menacing.

5 - Take a smidgeon of sporting superstardom and blend with movie hero invincibility then break up into 40 distinct types.

6 - Let this unique mix cool then lavish with a seriously large dose of hair singeing magic and mystical witchery. For best results double the number of spells from the original Chaos tastic menu.

7 - Spoon on lashings of gasp worthy eye candy with brand new motion capture, then serve with a side garnish of 3 new races, 19 new heroes and strategy spoiling weather elements.

8 - Hang up the phone, bolt the door then sit back with spoon in one hand and mouse in the other and prime yourself for a strategy sensation that will caress your eyes, tickle your ears, stretch your reflexes and make your strategy glands weep with joy.

Then sit back and admire these brand new screens and try to contain yourself until the release of Chaos League Sudden Death this summer.
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