DJs Pull on the Yellow Jersey
Digital Jesters have snapped up the rights to publish the latest instalment of the million selling Cycling Manager series in the UK.

The Cycling Manager series has been leader of the pack for the last four years and this latest instalment is already leaving the peloton trailing behind with a multitude of new features and a brand new title, Pro Cycling Manager.

In the best traditions of the very finest sports management games, Pro Cycling Manager puts you in charge of absolutely every element of the sport; from piecing together the lightest two wheeled machines imaginable to dictating race strategy out on the road.

With 40 playable teams and over 1000 riders to choose from, the in depth management options are as deep as an alpine ravine. Then, once you've developed a strategic masterplan and trained your squad to the very limits of human endurance a stunning 3D race engine brings the entire cycling season to life in eye catching beauty. From snowy mountain passes to the cobbled magnificence of the Champs Elysees, Pro Cycling Manager is a management game that looks as good as it plays.

And just as only the very best can, it will eat up weeks of your life. This latest instalment even lets you create your very own races courtesy of the powerful new editor. Want to recreate classic tours of old from the days when LeMond, Roche and Kelly ruled the roads? Now you can.

Features -

- Stunning new 3D game engine
- Brand new stage editor : design personalised stages and import them into the game. Recreate classic tours and races of old.
- Riders and bikes completely remodelled with new rider textures allowing for more details : rider number, sunglasses, sponsor logo on distinctive jerseys
- Fully up to date statistics for the 2005 season based on the revamped UCI Pro Tour
- New contract and transfer system, allowing for direct talks with the rider
- Discussions and dealings with riders in the team. It's your job to identify individual personalities and keep morale high.
- Young riders may progress faster by taking part in major races
- Possibility to sponsor young riders so as to attract them more easily into your pro team.
- More than 40 playable teams on two levels : Pro Tour and other professional teams
- Much bigger race calendar with more than 450 stages and up to 4 concurrent races.
- New system of objectives for the team manager. The manager's reputation will be a function of achieving objectives set by sponsors.
- More realistic wind effect with possibility to manage the side-to-side position of the rider.
- AI rider behaviour re-engineered and improved
- Return of multiplayer season-mode

About Digital Jesters
Founded in 2003, Digital Jesters is a British-based publisher of computer and video games. Set up by the duo responsible for launching and establishing the Sudden Strike and Cossacks series of games in the UK, the firm's remit is simple: to source and publish the best games available. The company's commitment to originality resulting in it snapping up the original TrackMania game from French developer Nadeo and DJ's ethos of community development strategy resulted in the game becoming one of the sleeper hits of the year. A tie-in with record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen Macarthur for the firm's second release Virtual Skipper 3 ensured the game received widespread attention among the elusive non-gamer, and firmly placed the publisher on the map. The firm has enjoyed three top 10 PC hits, one of which is from the developers Cyanide, creators of Pro Rugby Manager and now DJ is expanding its operation to cover additional territories. It has also published its own comic book to widespread critical acclaim. For additional information on Digital Jesters, please visit or
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