The new concept of football video game arrives to Kickstarter
Madrid, 17/09/2013 – We are glad to present Soccer Legends on Kickstarter, the video game that expects to put together two worlds apparently antagonistic as board games and football, will arrive to Kickstarter with a striking esthetic that reminds to anime series as Captain Tsubasa.

Soccer Legends, the first project of the Spanish developer Digital Lightning Studios, introduces itself as the mix of the best facets of boardgames, RPG games and the football world. A mix that will go with well-balanced gameplay, quirky style, 3D environments and game mechanics different to the ones we are used to in a football video game.

The project is now working in progress and at 30% of its development and to be able to make it possible, Digital Lightning Studios has started a Kickstarter campaign. So, if Soccer Legends reaches $100,000, our main goal, it will be available on PC, Mac& Linux in a little over half a year.

One thing is sure, Digital Lightning Studios have numerous and interesting rewards to all the people that want to collaborate, since video games copies to the game football players T-Shirts, figures, a Soccer Legends boardgame Exclusive Edition or even a travel to see “The Clásico” of Madrid-Barcelona.


· Turn-based game using the boardgames hexagons system.
· Special cards usage during the match to create a strategy.
· Classic football manager to improve the team.
· Team Mode and Legend Mode
· +50 different skills to boost team players.
· Unique database that allows each game will be different, with different players and teams.
· Each player or teams will have a unique behavior.
· Special techniques with special cinematic effects (like Captain Tsubasa)
· Everything will affect the match: weather, facilities, players’ moral… You’ll have to keep everything in mind to use the best strategy.

To be informed about all the news of Soccer Legends, you can visit its official web, where you can know 100% the game, realize about the development process and give your vote on Steam Greenlight to make it possible.

More information at:, on Soccer Legends web ( or on Digital Lightning Studios’ Facebook and Twitter.