Men of War - Direct control feature
In Men of War you are able to take control over every single unit you have yourself, walking, driving, shooting and sometimes swimming.
The feature works quite simple and is a strong part of the gameplay, you just select and individual soldier, press the direct control key ( hold it, or use the toggle on/off key) and you immediately can use your soldier, tank, artillery or ship yourself.

You will control your unit in the same perspective you play other RTS games, or if you wish you can zoom down until you reached a 3rd person view.
The importance of the feature runs with one hand together with the extremely detailed physics of Men of War, tanks have no health bars but real different protected armor plates which either can be damaged due to many hits by a strong caliber or shot through with a single bullet.
Sometimes you will face a much better protected tank than yours, and your gun will suffer trying to attack it frontally. So you may choose direct control, damage the tracks of the enemy tank, move out of hits field of view and attack it from its flank to precisely hit weak spots of the opposite tank.
Therefore Men of War allows you to win as a smart David against Goliath, a strong tank guarantees no victory above a weaker one. The only guarantee you have is your own skills.

Hiding your anti-tank guns makes also much more sense in Men of War, since they are really protected visually wise in bushes. Let an enemy armored vehicle pass slowly and shoot it from a close distance to make sure your gun penetrates the armor of it. All guns have their historic values downgraded in less meters to allow a smooth gameplay, which means the farer away a tank is from you, the less powerful your gun can strike it, since the bullet loses speed on distance. But be careful, Men of War calculates the impact angle, the flatter the angle the more likely you shell will bounce off and it also simulates the longer distance a bullet has to go through the armor plate on a flat angle, increasing the armor protection of the enemy. Sometimes you should even think about placing your tank wisely, to strengthen your armor protection.

Even the mightiest tank in the game can be destroyed by a smart player with a single soldier. Moving in bushes, crawling to the enemy, around his soldiers protecting his tank, selecting an anti-tank-nade or a Molotov cocktail and a fine throw on its engine will make sure the tank won’t last any longer.

Men of War allows you so much possibilities to defeat your enemy, that finally not the faster player but the smarter wins, even if he doesn’t have as much practice as the other one.

A new screenshot series explaining how it works:

An older trailer showing the direct control and physics on YouTube: