DigitalXpression Releases Pimp Game
May 21st, 2009 - DigitalXpression (, is proud to release Pimp Game, a new 3D strategy game that lets you do the pimping and hoeing in the distant planet. Sweat talk girls, recruit thugs and take out any competition. Power and fortune awaits in Pimp Game.

Open up operations and take over territories to grow your business. Recruit more hoes to work for you and bring in the dough. If the law men have a problem with you, make them pay.

To help with your business, select from laser rifles and cannons and robot ninjas that search out local gangs. Marijuana, heroine and other drugs will help your hos work harder. Defend your stash with armored plating and other high-tech protections.

In Pimp Game every player action carries weight. Smuggle more weapons for your fight against the cops, search the red light district for girls, recruit more hos to work for you or take over territories from local gangsters.

If you got game, check out the free demo at:

About DigitalXpression:
Gaming is the new and controversial media in this century and it is the only and most immersive media that requires active user partition. We believe we should explore every possible direction of design and usage for games and interactive software. This includes being a fire fighter or police officer in a training software, pilot in a flight simulation, also managers and entrepreneurs in management games, and in the shoes of any kind of character and person in a novel or in the entire human society. Why just the good guy and bad guy, black and white? It is too dull in design and too dull in life.
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