New Space Adventure-RPG Announces Kickstarter Campaign
Company: Dodo Games
The KickStarter campaign aims to raise $100,000. Mr. Danilevski has set up a tier of rewards for backers, including some exclusive items like the Satellite Ally for those pledging $20 or more. The campaign has already raised more than $10,000 in the first few days.

“We’re aiming to bridge the various platforms people use now for internet RPGs while providing them with a quality game experience on their preferred device,” said developer Anti A. Danilevski. “Finding something like that today is not easy to do.”

Divine Space is a “unique sci-fi space game that currently has no analogues due to its genre and style,” Danilevski said. “We’re trying to bring a whole new level of action, adventure and interactive excitement to online gaming. This is science fiction at its best. Some of the things in the game could really exist one day.”

This campaign is aimed at gamers because there won’t be a financial return. Mr. Danilevski plans to distribute the game for free. Premium level play, available for real cash, is not necessary to enjoy and play the game, but will make it sweeter, he said. Players can earn in-game money to buy things in-game 90 percent of the time. 10 percent of items or services are for real cash and and mostly grants that players can use for social and decorative abilities and speedups.

“We’re building a game for gamers, that’s why we’re only giving away game-related items to our supporters. When you consider you have to pay big money for a new game, the contributions we’re looking for are in line with that, or even less,” Mr. Danilevski said.

Donations for the game start at $1 and go up to $10,000. The big donors will get a personal invite to to the Baikonur launching station to see an actual spacecraft be fired int space. Lesser donors, but still over the $1K mark get to be in-game as a key player in the storyline. The top tier contributions are limited in number.

“The rewards are aimed at gamers. These are things they are interested in,” Mr. Danilevski said.

The funding campaign runs through Nov. 23. For more information visit the KickStarter page at or the game home page at .

The KickStarter page also has a brief video of what the game will look like during play.

The game itself is set up in a galactic milieu where each person chooses their course. Players can be villainous space pirates or rangers who chase after the pirates. Blow up asteroids, explore planets and engage in trade with various cultures.

Players can also build their own ships. Several options are available and the pieces can be combined into millions of configurations.

The game is also designed with reality in mind. The stars conform what what astronomers know of their positions and spectral classes also match the data on hand.

“We felt this is very important, not just from an educational aspect, but from a game perspective. Because we’re extrapolating to a very possible future in the game, we feel it’s important to keep the game as realistic as possible everywhere we can,” Mr. Danilevski said.

The game itself will be free-to-play. Any updates and new versions will also be available for free. That is an intentional decision make to get the game into as many hands as possible, he said.

“We want children to play this game. They can download it and begin playing without having to ask their parents for a credit or debit card. People in countries without access to electronic-payment cards will be able to download and play the game,” he said. “We intend for the game to spread across the globe.”

The game is being developed using Unity3D. When released, will be available for the iPad, then Android platform devices, then PC, Mac and Linux. Once all those single-player versions have been developed, a massively multiplayer cross-platform version will be developed.

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