Speed Runners Steam Early Access Explodes Off the Starting Block
Aug 27, 2013 . Double Dutch Games (http://www.doubledutchgames.com/) in Association with Tiny Build Studios (http://tinybuild.com/) has fired the starting pistol on their new multiplayer platform racing game Speed Runners. Take control of one of several heroes in a city with not-enough crime as they race to the scene, using whatever dirty and underhanded tricks they can muster to beat their fellow crime fighters to the punch. It's a wacky party game built for PC & Mac and designed to be played in any combination of local or internet play. Find out more at http://tinybuild.com/SpeedRunners

The objective is simple: Outpace your rivals by reaching the edge of the screen. You'll have to contend with wall jumping, sliding, obstacles, traps, grappling hook swings, and more as you dash towards victory, but that isn't all. With plenty of power-ups and weapons ranging from barrels to missiles there's more than just the terrain to worry about. A well timed attack is all it takes to propel yourself from last to first in this mayhem inducing racing game.

Steam Early Access is available now, not only adding a steep discount but giving players the chance to provide game changing feedback and have a "leg up" on the competition come launch day by being able to practice the maps during the Early Access period. Join the many heroes as the race to fight crime gets underway at http://store.steampowered.com/app/207140/

- 4 Player Competitive Platform Racing
- Local and Online Multiplayer
- You can play in any combination - 4 people online, 2 sitting on a couch playing vs people online, whatever!
- Everyone sees same thing, so the person in front has a disadvantage of not seeing what's coming ahead
- Interactive environments with traps
- Power ups and weapon pick ups
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