DRAGO announces: The Pony Land simulation
Krakow, 1st of April: DRAGO Entertainment announces a real surprise. First information leaked out from the management regarding a new Otherland simulation. After the great success of the recently finished CBT 2.0, DRAGO already started the implementation of the Pony Land simulation.

Lucjan Mikociak, CEO of DRAGO Entertainment: It was a submarine project for us and for a long time, we weren't even sure if we should launch it. After the amazing feedback regarding our second CBT, we decided to bring it live. Its as well an opportunity to say THANK YOU! to all of our loyal fans and specifically our younger fans, who seem to be a growing audience.

Story background
After the aerodomia simulation broke off into several islands, the inhabitants found themselves in dire need of transportation. They built ships but traveling with them around the island proved to be too much of a hassle. They needed horses and a lot of them.
The player, savior of the 5Isle simulation, will be the first human to set a foot on the forgotten land. Introducing - The Pony Land simulation!

Guideline for participation:
The new adventure will open with the start of CBT 3.0, which will be announced on 31.04.15. If you already have a created account, activated for one of our official CBTs, you are fine.

About Otherland:
In this MMORPG, based on the bestseller novels by Tadd Williams, players explore a series of virtual worlds, each with a completely unique look, but connected by an overarching storyline. The Otherland MMORPG is being developed by DRAGO Entertainment in Krakow, Poland, on behalf of the Otherland Co-Production GmbH, produced by IME GmbH. Further information on the game and our community forum can be found at http://www.drago-entertainment.com/otherland . Otherland fans can reach us via Twitter: https://twitter.com/OtherlandMMORPG and as well via reddit: www.reddit.com/r/Otherland and Facebook: www.facebook.com/otherlandthegame .