Dreamatrix releases first teaser for Legends of Dawn
Company: Dreamatrix
Brace yourself for the world of Legends Of Dawn where survival depends on you, your magic and your sword.

Legends Of Dawn is an exciting Fantasy RPG Action Adventure, set in the brutal northerly reaches of Narr. It is a world experienced in a classic third person POV that will keep you latched onto a fantastic story about treachery and fear. A colossal threat hangs over the old and once prosperous region of Narr. Legends Of Dawn features a vast continent with more than a hundred unique locations like ancient dwarven ruins, mysterious dungeons, stunning bridges overlooking realistic waterfalls and spectacular canyons that call for exploration.

Legends Of Dawn offers players the possibility of creative skill combination, joining any of the nine schools of magic and creating a unique fighting style, that would help in mission solving and staying alive. Over a hundred different opponents lurk, and they change tactics depending on the weather and time of day (daylight or night), guaranteeing constant surprises. In the face of such adversity, the player can offer sacrifices to the gods and have a divine ally.

Solve numerous quests or minigames, and uncover all the secrets hiding within Legends Of Dawn.

“Legends Of Dawn – Keepers of Twegg” is a novel written by S.E. Archer that tells the story of a dwarven sorceress whose life fell into disarray the day she rescued a human from death at the hands of the elves. But her existence is a thorn in the flesh of the Order of Dredh, who seek to hide at all costs that Twegg is a peice of the ancient Dawn and will destroy anyone who threatens to reassemble it.

Journey with the hero in search for justice and retribution in the epic PC RPG or chill back with the intriguing novel - Keepers of Twegg.

Dreamatrix will release Legends Of Dawn PC RPG and the book Legends of Dawn: Keepers of Twegg in the fourth quarter of 2011. Gaming community and Legends of Dawn fans will be interested to hear that multiplayer and innovative Dreamatrix Editor modding toolset are also planned, as well as another two books “Dwarwen Chorincles” by Norma C. Ray and “Caretakers of the Worlds” by S.E. Archer.

For more information, visit www.dreamatrix.net

About Dreamatrix:
Dreamatrix is an independent company dedicated to the production and publication of fun games of all genres. Discovering new worlds and innovation is at the core of the Dreamatrix soul, whether it is in creating addictive games or trying out new business models. Dreamatrix has a game development studio that unites artists and programmers from three continents under its aegis, along with numerous IPs and an advanced Dreamatrix Engine and toolset made entirely in-house, for the creation of cutting edge games. Dreamatrix has already produced over a dozen titles, establishing a worldwide presence through partners like Take 2 Interactive, Akella, EA, RTL Playtainment, Dreamcatcher, DTP Entertainment, JoWood, LogRus etc.
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