Dreamcatcher Games’ Enigma: Rising Tide - Gold Edition in Stores
Toronto, Ontario – February 7, 2005. DreamCatcher Games today announced Enigma: Rising Tide - Gold Edition is now available for Windows® at major retailers across North America.

Enigma: Rising Tide is the most exciting naval command simulation ever played. The Gold Edition puts gamers back in the Captain’s seat with new missions and new weapons for the ultimate battle experience. Waging war as one of three factions (US, German or the League of Free Nations), players will earn control of a naval fleet of destroyers, submarines, patrol boats, and battleships. They must deploy every weapon in their command in order to claim victory over the toughest AI in any naval game to date. Weapons included in this mighty arsenal include historically accurate deck guns, AA guns, torpedoes, depth charges, hedgehogs and most important of all, sheer guts.

“Both fans and new-comers to the genre are in for a treat with Engima: Rising Tide – Gold Edition,” said Byron Gaum, Product Manager for DreamCatcher Games, “We didn’t think it was possible, but Tesseraction Games has perfected an already incredible naval combat experience.”

Enigma: Rising Tide – Gold Edition contains the Enigma: Rising Tide base game and all support updates, including selection of enemy for combat, direct control of environmental effects and a fully repurposed interface for improved functionality.

Further enhancements include newly remodeled ships with improved textures, more dynamic special effects and enriched optimization for better system performance. Improved voice command performance on trained systems is complimented by a new Professional Voice Response package, allowing the player to fully communicate with his crew heightening the thrill of combat. Players will also enjoy the popular Enigma: Rising Tide soundtrack by Timothy Steven Clarke, included with the game.

Enigma: Rising Tide - Gold Edition is developed by Tesseraction Games and has an ESRB rating of ‘T’ for Teen. Visit www.dreamcatchergames.com for more information.

About DreamCatcher Games:
DreamCatcher Games is a fast-growing worldwide publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software committed to release action, strategy and RPG games on Windows®, PlayStation®2 and Xbox® gaming systems. Its large portfolio of games includes the critically acclaimed title Painkiller, a popular and best-selling action shooter game.
More information about DreamCatcher Games and its products can be found at http://www.dreamcatchergames.com.
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