DreamCatcher Games Delves Deeper Into the World Of The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft
DreamCatcher Games has just released brand new screenshots for their highly anticipated PC game The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft. Displaying the cinematic quality of the environments, these artful new screenshots offer fans an updated look at what it will be like to explore the world of the Hardy Boys.

Based on the beloved bestselling novels, the release of The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft marks a kind of popularity Frank and Joe have never seen before. The new Undercover Brothers series launched in 2005 has already sold more than 1 million copies, Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller are scheduled to star in a major motion picture based on the series next year, and now top celebrity teen talent Jesse McCartney and Cody Linley have stepped in to lend their voices and likenesses to the famous crime-solving duo for the game!

With The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft, fans of the series can experience the Hardy World in a whole new way: interactively. Explore the various places around Bayport including the Hardy home as you help Frank and Joe collect clues to find out who robbed Spencer Mansion. You’ll also be able to interact with Fenton and Laura Hardy, the Boys’ good friend Chet Morton, and if you’re in a bind, use your cell phone to call your good pal Nancy Drew to help get some insight on a case that becomes a major criminal investigation right before your eyes.

Brought to the interactive world by DreamCatcher Games and developer XPEC Entertainment, The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft will be in full distribution in mid-October 2008.