Matt Damon's Voice Featured in Nibiru: Messenger of the Gods
Hamburg, 01/26/2005. Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, Dogma, Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12 - a list of brilliant movies with Matt Damon. Now the adventure game Nibiru - Messenger of the Gods is added to this list. Well, not exactly. German publisher dtp has just engaged the German voice actor of Matt Damon for the main role in the new adventure of the makers of The Black Mirror, Nibiru. Matthias Hinze, who has been doing all the dubbing of Damon's films, has started in the studio in Hamburg this monday.

With this dtp continues to engage the voices of Hollywood actors for the main roles of their adventure games. "It feels great to have the main character spoken by a familiar and professional voice", says dtp's PR Manager Christopher Kellner. "We had engaged Johnny Depp's voice actor for the role of Samuel Gordon in Black Mirror and the voices of Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts in The Moment of Silence. They all were just the right choice, and ratings as well as sales prove us to be right with this strategy."

Nibiru - Messenger of the Gods, the new and technically enhanced adventure of the makers of Black Mirror, will be out in the German speaking countries on 15th of March.

dtp has just been voted "Best Publisher 2004" by the international adventure magazine The Inventory and is considered as one of the most important publishers of adventures in the world. With titles like Runaway, Tony Tough, The Westerner, The Black Mirror, The Moment of Silence and Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Silver Earring dtp has revived the genre in the German speaking countries. This year dtp will publish Nibiru and Runaway 2 in the German speaking countries, and Tony Tough 2 as the first title worldwide. Other titles are in negotiation.
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