Final Fantasy Clashes With Fable in Neverend
DUSK2DAWN Interactive Limited (D2D), a new games publisher on the PC platform, swings its doors open after signing an outstanding new game - which has already been described as Final Fantasy meets Fable - from Slovak developer Mayhem Studios SRO.

NEVEREND, which has taken its inspiration from the fabulous Final Fantasy RPG adventure games, will be released during Q3 2005. Opening up a rich and highly detailed game world, Neverend puts the player into the boots of Agavaen, a descendant of the ancient fairies (a noble race of warriors and wizards).

Neil Cotton, Director at D2D, said: "We have been very lucky as a new publisher to find a game like Neverend, that not only oozes quality graphics, but has the all important gameplay element to match. We are confident that gamers, both casual and hardcore will enjoy its many plot twists, turns and surprises."

Depicting the classic struggle of good versus evil, the game sucks the player into a unique world, where the minions of death lurk around every corner. Many ingenious, yet fun, side quests revolve around an epic tale of a young woman who has fallen from grace and must find her way to salvation.

Those familiar with Final Fantasy – or games like Fable – will be right at home, choosing attack patterns, casting spells – or even running away like the yellow-belly that you really are!

The game has an intuitive and context sensitive environment, thanks to Mayhem's propriety game engine – 'Doubleform Technology'. Doubleform Technology allows the game characters to interact with the scenery even though it looks like a crisp photo realistic image.

Riki Pinter, Licence Manager at Mayhem, said: "We've been working on Neverend for a couple of years now and have pooled a lot of experience during that time. We are extremely pleased with the finished result. It is fair to say that, as we are all gamers ourselves, Neverend was written by gamers for the gamers."

An intriguing open-ended storyline, with dialogue choices influencing the NPC's reactions, the player will take Agavaen on a long journey back to her ancestors, at which time you will be able to influence her future – making choices that will restore the good fairy in her, or take her deep within the mysterious dark evil that beckons her every move (who said that it is only Darth Vader that could turn to the dark side of the force?).

Neverend is the first in a line of many games that are currently being signed and will see D2D enter the games sector with a flurry of activity as carefully planned PR and Marketing campaigns help generate the much needed awareness of the new titles.

Key Features:

A branching good/evil storyline

Open-ended with Final Fantasy-style combat

Excellent variety of attacks, weapons and spells

Many hours of game play, with multiple endings giving an instant replay value

Highly imaginative selection of enemies

Strong female lead character

Solid animations and graphics to rival any big budget release

Player dialogue influences NPC's

Epic storyline

Due out Q3 2005 for the PC (PC CD-ROM).

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