Award Winning Frenetic action Shooter 'Invasion : Earth' To invade the Uk in 2006!
ACTION, frenetic action to be precise, forms the basis of a new award winning shooter* called 'Invasion : Earth', which was developed by Russian-based Sigma-Team and is to be published for the UK and Ireland by Dusk2Dawn Interactive Limited.

Invasion : Earth pits the player against the mass forces of an alien threat, which have managed to open transportation portals within a secret military complex.

Undoubtedly familiar territory for most gamers, however, once the hordes of aliens start to fill the screen, even the most battle experienced 'saviour of the Earth' will get a heart-pounding hot trigger finger!

Taken from a classic isometric 3rd person perspective, the game oozes fun and action and certainly doesn't hold back the bangs when it comes to the assortment of hi-tech weaponry used to destroy the aliens and the trail of destruction left in the players path.

Neil Cotton, Dusk2Dawn Interactive's Managing Director, explains the new meaning of on-screen mayhem: "The game begins rather gentle, letting the player get accustomed to the controls. Of course this honeymoon period is soon shattered when the player enters the labs just literally a minute later and finds more aliens on screen at one time than they've EVER seen before! Heck...even Lt. Ripley didn't have this many Aliens to deal with!"

Fortunately the player is armed with the best in alien extermination weaponry. Unlimited twin pistols are the mainstay, but players will soon find weapons scattered across the field or money in boxes, which can be used to upgrade your character.

"Money can be used to buy health, speed and accuracy bio-upgrades, weapons, ammo or armour," continues Cotton.

"Between each zone there is a shop facility that allows the player to stock up on everything from the classic flamethrower, the Schwarzenegger trademarked bullet-spewing Minigun - to my personal favourite the sit-on machine gun platform which spits alien death in every direction!"

The game allows the player to use strategically placed gas canisters and oil drums as incendiary aids. Also a plentiful supply of boxes can be blown apart to discover hidden items.

Not that gamers are known to be a queasy bunch, but the game does allow red blood to be turned off in favour of green blood. A pleasing factor considering that everything you shoot, wound and kill remains splattered across the floor in all its gory-glory, until the mission is completed!

"There is also a survival mode for those that want to go head-to-head with the full might of the alien army. There is no shop facility with this mode, you literally live by the skill and speed of your ability, collecting power-ups that are very rare indeed," concludes Cotton.

Invasion : Earth one of the first titles in a line of many games that are currently being signed, which will see D2D enter the games sector with a flurry of activity.

Key Features:

Instant action within a matter of minutes

RPG-esque character upgrade facility

9 rapid-fire, bullet-spitting, death-dealing weapons of mass destruction!

Many hours of game play with 10 missions and a survival mode

Red or Green blood selection

Highly imaginative selection of enemies

Full-on-action male or female character

Classic storyline

Reactive music which helps to drive the action

Add-on mission packs to follow

Due out Q1 2006 for the PC (PC CD-ROM).
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