Empire of Magic Gets Its UK Release Date
A MIGHTY empire will fall, chaos will reign and only an apprentice mage stands between a world consumed by hellish terror and a badly defeated human race.

Set in a fantasy realm where dragons are the deadly pets of evil overlords and armies of armour clad knights do battle with skeletons and demons, the player is immediately immersed into a world where even the initial training mission can present a serious life or death situation!

Empire of Magic is a turn-based RPG strategy, developed by Mayhem Studios, which will attract the massed gaming forces of those who enjoy titles like Heroes of Might and Magic and Warlords.

"Variety is the great strength of this game," said Neil Cotton, Director at Dusk2Dawn Interactive Limited. "It features a plethora of spell casting abilities, meaning that it will take even the most hardcore gamer a long time to collect and use the 200 spectacular magic attacks hidden within the game."

The game uses action points, which are linked from the movement to the fighting phase to add an extra level of strategy into the gameplay. Units can be built by accepting help from passing characters, allowing the player to further strengthen their side.

The game also uses active terrain to add to the many possibilities of fighting techniques. For example, once an enemy unit has been spotted, the friendly unit can use the terrain to hide and plan an ambush. Furthermore the weather conditions – ranging from wind, snow and rain - add an extra element to the gameplay.

Empire of Magic also provides a battleground for LAN gamers, pitting player-controlled units against each other. Camps, sieges and all out attacks are possible in the LAN mode.

The game is due to be released in the UK & Ireland on 30th June 2006 through all major retailers, both online and in the high street.

Provided on a DVD ROM and retailing at an RRP of £19.99, the game will be distributed to the UK and Ireland through Ideal Software on 01767 689720.

Game features:

Over 200 devastatingly spectacular spells to learn and use

Over 80 hero characters, which vary in skill and strength, providing an ever evolving challenge


Siege, base camps, and ambush techniques

Many side quests give single player games longevity

Engrossing storyline

Atmospheric music

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