Dragon Nest Europe Closed Beta Will Start on Feb. 27, 2013
Company: eFusion MMOG
Eschborn, Germany – January 18, 2013 – eFusion MMOG GmbH, an European publisher of massively multi-player online games, has announced today that the Dragon Nest Europe Closed Beta will start on the 27th of February, 2013.

Despite the initial plan to launch this famous action RPG at the end of last year, eFusion MMOG had to adjust its release schedule. "Last December, we had to make a very difficult decision to delay the launch of Dragon Nest in Europe, temporarily disappointing many European players that had been awaiting its arrival for months. The main point is that we really wanted to fully optimize the quality of this fantastic game in its localised versions to meet European players great expectations. Therefore, we needed a little more time than expected to finalise the optimisation process.", said Michael Lim, founder and CEO of eFusion MMOG.

eFusion MMOG will therefore kick off the Closed Beta targeting a large number of European players from the 27th of February, 2013 for one week. eFusion MMOG explained that the main objectives of this Closed Beta are to check stability of the game server and players satisfaction concerning localisation quality. The volume of Closed Beta keys and further details will be announced at a later date.

Players can also expect the official Dragon Nest Europe Commercial Service to begin in early March 2013, shortly after the Closed Beta has ended. eFusion MMOG already predicted that there will be exciting opening events at the launch of the commercial service, bringing thus a vibrant atmosphere to the Dragon Nest Europe community and the game itself.

About eFusion MMOG GmbH
eFusion MMOG GmbH, headquartered in Eschborn, Germany, is the official publisher of Dragon Nest, BlackShot and NavyField in Europe. Founded in 2007 and initially specialised in military games, eFusion MMOG is now extending its game portfolio and focusing on the publication of high quality massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) developed especially in Korea for European markets. All of eFusion MMOG’s games are available in its gaming portal www.twowar.com and www.dragonnest.eu.
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