Dragon Nest Europe: The Battle Continues
Company: eFusion MMOG
Eschborn, 15th May 2013: Players of the Action MMO Dragon Nest Europe now have to face their biggest challenge yet. With the third major patch, publisher eFusion introduces, among other things, the Nest of the Sea Dragon, a farm system and new items.

The birth of an abomination
Fifty long years he was resting, but now he has risen and is about to teach the heroes of Althea the meaning of fear: To master the Nest of the mighty Sea Dragon, tactics, team spirit and fighting strength are essential. Courageous groups of level 40 players can board a Viking ship in Hermalte Harbor, which will take them to the island the monster dwells on. Once at Mare Oblivion, players must withstand six ordeals before they can stare at the dragonsí hideous face. The path is not easy, but the conquering heroes will be rewarded with glory and valuable loot.

New possibilities
In a harsh and dangerous world, it is important to be self-sufficient. Therefore, players in Dragon Nest Europe now have the opportunity to grow their own food. The necessary ingredients for tasty meals can be obtained either by harvesting crops or by catching fish. After carefully reading the instruction from various recipes, players then can prepare their dishes. Anyone who is not afraid of getting his hands dirty will receive useful buffs in return, which could mean the difference between victory and defeat in combat.

More information about all upcoming features and the game itself can be found on the official Dragon Nest Europe website http://dragonnest.eu/ and on the official facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DragonNestEu.
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