Multiplay Leads Uk Battlefield 2 Charge!
Multiplay announced today a partnership with Electronic Arts to exclusively provide the official UK servers for Battlefield 2, the next in EA's highly successful series of Battlefield games.

Set for release in the UK on 24th June, Battlefield 2 sees the Battlefield series invade the modern warfare arena. Featuring the latest modern warfare technology, up to 64 players can battle it out on land, sea and air. Vast gloriously detailed play environments make for unparalleled realism as teams fight for supremacy.

When playing on the official servers Multiplay will be providing, players gain points which allow them to increase their rank, unlock new weapons and gain medals. As part of the deal, Multiplay will be providing over 500 "public" slots for anyone with the game to enjoy whilst also exclusively renting out official ranked servers.

"We're very pleased to be working with EA on Battlefield 2" said Craig Fletcher, Managing Director of Multiplay. "We will be providing the UK gaming community Battlefield 2 servers they can be proud of. Our position as one of the largest and most popular UK online gaming providers makes Multiplay ideally placed to support EA in making Battlefield 2 a tremendous hit."

For gamers not wanting to wait for the full release, the playable multiplayer demo of Battlefield 2 is already out and getting a lot of attention. You can download and play the demo online from the Multiplay gaming portal at Preorders for official ranked servers can also be placed on this site.
Battlefield 2 is also set to make a major impact at Multiplay's forthcoming i24 LAN party which starts on 24th June. This
event will see many hundreds of gamers converge on Newbury Racecourse to hook up to a superfast Local Area Network for 3 days straight of gaming. With Battlefield 2 launched at the start of the event, it is sure to take it by storm! See for more information.
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