54321 Blast Off! McDROID Fires Off Demo and Crash Lands on Planet Earth with Indie Games Stand Sale and Steam Greenlight Campaign
Company: Elektro Games
LOS ANGELES - California, North America February 4th, 2013 Indie micro studio Elefantopia today announced the demo for McDROID, its debut strategy game for Windows, Mac and Linux has crash landed on earth and is now available to download at: www.mcdroidgame.com. The launch of the demo also coincides with the four day promotion of MCDROID on Indie Game Stand at www.indiegamestand.com and the launch of the Greenlight campaign on Steam抯 digital download service.

Fusing arcade, strategy and endless replayability to a sixties acoustic rock soundtrack, McDROID mixes up out-of-this world robot combat and alien mutation into something very unique that can be played on your lonesome or in drop-in/drop-out co-op mode with friends.

揗cDROID is the perfect antidote for those gamers who yearn for something fast, furious, simple yet deep and challenging. said Laurent Lavigne, Chief Droid Mechanic at
Elefantopia, 揟he colourful cel-shaded love child of gaming classics - R-TYPE and Dune 2, take control of McDROID as he uncovers the conspiracy threatening Planet M.

Control McDROID a modular weapon droid whose areas of expertize are combat and farming. Whilst travelling through the deepest darkest fringes of unexplored space, MCDROID抯 shuttle collides with space debris and crash lands on the unchartered Planet M. Survival is paramount as McDROID defends the crashed shuttle and his only means of escape.

Through story levels, survival arenas and secret caves, McDROID must defend his shuttle against hordes of crazed alien species as they mutate, corrupt the ground and turn his farmed strawberries into lethal bomb trees. Progress through three difficulty levels start in normal, carry your gold and arsenal into challenge mode and finally if you抮e good enough get your butt kicked in the fiendishly difficult nightmare mode.

Choose your style of play: mount your tesla coil on McDROID and fight hands on or deploy factories and talking lasers on power nodes, you can even drop experimental machines anywhere to 損acify the locals. In co-op mode join up to 4 players online to complete the story or play in survival arenas and unlock challenge and nightmare modes as you complete each level.

Coinciding with the launch of the demo, the MCDROID beta today launched on Indie Game Stand. On sale for 96 hours until Saturday February 8th at 23.59 EST, Indie Game Stand users can pay the small sum of $10.00 or pay what they choose for Elefantopia抯 crazed escapade and may win one of 3 McDROID soundtracks. To visit the McDROID indie game sale go to: www.indiegamestand.com/

To build support for a MCDROID commercial release on Steam, the Elefantopia team has also launched the official MCDROID Steam Greenlight Campaign. To pledge your droid support, visit: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=124474874

Planned to launch commercially in spring 2013, McDROID is now in a paid beta phase and available on Desura for $14.99 USD / 9.99 GBP / 12.99 EUR / $15.99 AUD.

For more information on MCDROID抯 crazy space adventures visit the official McDroid website: wwww.mcdroidgame.com

About Elefantopia
Elefantopia LLC is an indie microstudio run by Laurent Lavigne, a newcomer to the games industry who previously worked on production of a number of Hollywood movies including The Matrix series, Mission Impossible: III and Transformers (http://www.previs.org).
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