Building & Co - You are the architect !
Company: Elektro Games
Paris, November 26, 2007 – ElektroGames is introducing Building & Co: You are the architect!® Expected to be released on the PC in early 2008, this title is the result of a joint effort between construction and video game experts. Far from a simple building site simulation, this City Builder will allow users to familiarize themselves with the building industry and help them learn about the issues linked with a real building site; from drawing plans to managing workers, choosing building materials and respecting the environment.

The user will be given a budget, a deadline, a building site and some specifications: number of floors, minimum size of the rooms, accessibility requirements, etc. Playing as the architect that manages these sites, the user will have to collaborate with advisers such as the staff adviser, the architecture adviser, the building site adviser, the project adviser, and the logistics adviser. He will discover the different work ethics required for the construction of specific buildings such as hospitals, residential buildings, and even entire shopping centres! All have distinct requirements but will still allow the user's imagination to run wild through the creation of their plans and the building materials that they will choose to use.

Drawn to the project by the French studio Creative Patterns' desire for realism, the following major names in the building industry have helped contributing to the game:

- ArcelorMittal. The number 1 in the steel industry is now sharing its expertise for a game. Three official ArcelorMittal products are available in the game: their post-and-beam system, wind bracing, and flooring. Visit:

- Saint Gobain Glass. This glass industry giant was on hand during the game’s conception and three of its official products are available in the game: BIOCLEAN, STADIP SILENCE, and PLANITHERM. For more information, visit

Entertaining and instructive, simple and addictive, Building & Co: You are the architect! is the first management game to put you in control of a building site and offers a fun, technical approach that will please all fans of the genre.

Architect, city planner, foreman: you are in charge of the craziest building projects and have unlimited freedom in your decisions!

° Draw the plans and build a large number of buildings in a 3D environment: residential buildings, hotels, banks, museums, hospitals, and even shopping centres!
° Professional advisers will assist you in every field: staff, logistics, materials, architecture.
° Career mode offers a progressive difficulty in various urban settings.
° Sandbox mode offers an unlimited array of creativity and constructions.

Building & Co: You are the architect! has been developed by the French studio Creative Patterns along with the expertise of Palludio Games and published by ElektroGames.

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About Elektrogames
Elektrogames is the first independent videogame producer in France. Elektrogames' goal is to initiate new projects with well-known developers, create a co-production funding group and to ensure timely development and quality distribution of selected titles. Current titles include: The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript, Safari Adventures, Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition, Arx Fatalis Collector Edition, Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy, Building & Co…
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About Palludio Games
Palludio Games designs and produces video games with a construction theme. With their extensive professional experience, the company's founders look to offer a modern, yet faithful and entertaining version of construction games to a wide audience, while enabling professionals to give added value to their trade.

About Creative Patterns
Creative Patterns is a Strasbourg-based development studio specialised in the creation of video games on different platforms (PC, Nintendo DS, Wii, Flash, etc.). Creative Patterns also offers companies different specific multimedia solutions (the game "Building World" in relation to the construction industry, as well as web communication through the game). Creative Patterns also has close ties with the Créajeux video games school, working in partnership to develop "Ludus Magnus" on the PC.
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