Throw Yourself into the Destruction!
With the release of FlatOut under a month away, Empire Interactive has released a brand new trailer for their adrenalin-inducing racer showing off its unique ragdoll feature in all its glory.

FlatOut has already been hailed for having the most realistic damage physics engine in any racer to date, with full damage to cars and scenery within the game. Cones can be sent flying off bumpers; barriers smashed through; advertising hoardings swept aside; tyre walls obliterated; barrels battered into submission; barns careened through for cheeky short cuts. Basically, if you can see it, then you can destroy it.

The icing on the cake is FlatOut's unique ragdoll feature. Now, as well as everything around you being able to be destroyed, your driver is in danger too. Get caught out by your fellow racers and have any head on crashes and your driver will be sent hurtling through the windscreen like a crash test dummy, and fingers crossed, the car behind doesn't make things worse by driving straight over you!

Jussi Laakkonen, Business Development Director at Bugbear Entertainment commented:
"A racing game with any hint of fun is no longer complete without ragdoll drivers. The inherent black humour in drivers flying out of their cars is irresistible. So we made it ever crazier and funnier with ragdoll sports, our wacky minigames, in which you get to play darts, bowling and high jump with the drivers!"

Paul Benjamin, UK Marketing Manager of Empire Interactive commented:
"The never-before-seen ragdoll driver's injects the racing genre with a much needed boost of fun and entertainment, and genuinely adds something new and fresh. Sending your driver smashing through the windscreen and impaling him into a dart board to earn cash never fails to raise a laugh!"

Not sure you can believe what you're hearing? Then pop along to the official FlatOut website and download the new ragdoll trailer to see the chaos for yourself.

FlatOut is coming. Be Ready.

FlatOut will be released for the PlayStation® 2, Xbox, PC CD-ROM on November 5th 2004.

Release: November 5th 2004
Formats: PlayStation® 2, Xbox, PC CD-ROM
Age Rating: 12+
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
RRP: £39.99
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