FlatOut in Gold Position
26th Oct, London: Empire Interactive and Bugbear Entertainment today announced that their Christmas triple A racing title FlatOut has finally gone gold and is ready for the final big push to release.

From day one FlatOut has been hailed as a game to keep an eye on with Edge magazine stating ‘Burnout should be rather concerned’. More recently the game has started to receive its first review scores, which are all proving excellent...

• 9/10 PSW
• 8/10 Official Xbox Magazine
• 5/5 T3
• 9/10 Fast Car
• 88% Loaded
• 80% PC Gamer
• 4/5 Nuts

Jussi Laakkonen, Business development director for Bugbear Entertainment commented: "It's done! It's an incredible rush to go gold with our first PlayStation 2 and Xbox game and also finish the PC version at the same time! We are sure the gamers worldwide will have as much fun playing the game as we had making it. It's time to GO FLATOUT!"

Paul Benjamin, Marketing Manager of Empire Interactive added: “This is a great moment – a big thank you to everyone involved for all their time and hard work, especially Bugbear, getting their first Playstation 2 and Xbox game out is a huge achievement – We now just can’t wait to see the reaction from the eager gamers after such a great response from the press”

FlatOut will be released for the PlayStation® 2, Xbox, PC CD-ROM on November 5th 2004.

For more information about the game, please visit http://www.flatoutgame.com

Release: PlayStation® 2, Xbox, PC CD-ROM scheduled for November 5th 2004
Age Rating: 12+
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
RRP: £39.99

About Empire Interactive
Empire Interactive is a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software that has been established for 14 years. The company floated on the
Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange in July 2000. Headquartered in the UK, Empire Interactive also has offices in the
US, Germany, Italy and Spain. The company develops and publishes a varied range of titles across all platforms in the US, Europe and Asia. Further
information about Empire Interactive and its products can be found at: www.empireinteractive.com

About Bugbear Entertainment:
Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. is an award-winning Finnish game developer concentrating on immersive and advanced racing games. The company’s first
international breakthrough was the critically acclaimed title ‘Rally Trophy’ in 2001. The company released Tough Trucks for PC in 2003. November 5th 2004 will see the worldwide launch of the innovative and much-awaited title 'FlatOut’ on Playstation 2 ®, Xbox ® and PC CD. For more information please visit www.bugbear.fi
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