Kevin Pietersen Endorses 10th Year of International Cricket Captain III
Empire are delighted to announce 10 years at the top of the Cricket Strategy league with International Cricket Captain - The world’s most popular cricket management game.

The world’s No. 1 selling cricket management series is endorsed by Hampshire and England hero, KEVIN PIETERSEN. “The games are made by cricket fans for cricket fans. They love the game and it shows,” said Kevin Pietersen MBE.

As the international cricket calendar continues around the world, with England’s tour of Sri Lanka soon to start; plus Pakistan, India, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the West Indies all in action over the coming weeks, Empire is launching the world’s favourite cricket strategy simulation management game onto new formats for 2007-2008.

“Only International Cricket Captain feels like you are managing tactics and influencing performance of real players in the game of cricket before, during and after each match throughout the domestic and international season”, said Rob Noble Empire Marketing Manager.

The new version of International Cricket Captain also includes the following updates for 2007- 2008.
- Brand new 3D game engine
- Fully motion captured animations; the game captures the essence of watching the match on TV.
- New Ball Tracker instant replays reflect the televisual style
- New PS2 console and PSP versions for the first time
- New commentary from Test Match Special’s Jonathan Agnew

New formats. More choice. Improved quality
- Familiar PC version - Still Cricket Captain as current players know and love
- User interface and game engine brought up-to-date for 2007
- More decision making control during the match and newly modelled environments
- Consumer demand for more realistic visual representation

Who will be interested in the game?
It’s not just English cricket fans who are waiting for their chance to take on the world. Cricket fans from all the test playing nations will pick up International Cricket Captain because you can choose to be captain of any country, not just England. This is another new feature of Cricket Captain III.

The PC version arrived in the shops in July 2007, but new formats are now available.

Now new gaming audiences can captain their way to the top of World cricket. The game is available for the first time on PS2 console and PSP hand held.
– PS2 players for the all new fully motion captured player animations, 3D highlights engine and Tracker Cam all wrapped in TV presentation style. Available on PlayStation 2 for first time.
– PSP players for the short form games like Twenty20 and two player matches over WiFi connections. First time on a handheld.

What’s it like to play and what can you do?
International Cricket Captain allows you to manage tactics and influence performance of real players in the game of cricket before, during and after each match throughout the domestic and international seasons.

Everything that you could affect as a captain; from team selection, coaching, nurturing young talent and making the vital decisions in the match can make the difference between a great winning team and a poor season.

Take charge of a domestic or international team and steer them to victory through every match of the season.

You control all aspects of the team’s progress; from transfers, team selection and training, to detailed match tactics.

Choose your bowlers, plan their line of attack, set their fields and then watch the highlights to see if you get that vital breakthrough.

Ask your batsmen to make hay while the sun shines or defend through the fading light.

Match Modes
- Exhibition Match: go straight into a one off match with two international teams in either T20 or a One Day International (ODI) match
- Match Series: create a Test or One Day series of your choice with any two international teams
- County & International Career: captain both the county team of your choice and international team from the start of the game
- World Cup Series: replay the World Cup tournament in the West Indies or choose from historical World Cups

All the action comes to you with TV style replays in the all new 3D highlights. Fully motion captured animations, Ball Tracker cam analysis and all the tension, stress and pressure of coaching your team to ultimate success. Are you up for the challenge?

Get the action underway with specially created short forms of the game in exhibition matches, like 20/20 presented in TV style replays to get into International Cricket Captain on-the-go. Pick up, play, win. Are you up for the challenge?

Genre: Sports strategy management
Players: PS2 1/2, PSP 1/Wireless, (PC 1/2/Network)
Launch date: 16 Nov 2007
Formats: PlayStation 2, PSP, (PC CD-ROM released July 2007)
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Developer: Childish Things / Atomic Planet
Rating: PEGI rating 3+
SRP: £19.99
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