Flatout Head On – Official PSP Demo Due for Release 22 February 2008
LONDON, 11th February 2008 – Empire Interactive has today confirmed that European gamers will be among the first in the world to sample its eagerly awaited PSP title FlatOut Head On with the release of the official PSP demo on 22nd February 2008.

“This is a great way for us to showcase FlatOut Head On to PSP gamers”, said Sean Walsh, Empire Interactive Product Manager. “PSP enthusiasts can often be heard talking on forums and blogs about the lack of good demos available for their beloved handheld. We wanted to help satisfy that need, and by giving them a taste of some of the featured modes - Carnage, Deathmatch Derby and Ragdoll Stunts – we think that it’ll really whet their appetite for destruction.”

The three featured game modes on the demo are ‘Carnage Race’, ‘Deathmatch Derby’ and one of the classic Ragdoll stunts. ‘Carnage Race’ is a fight against the clock to score as many points as you can in the given time by causing as much damage as possible to the scenery and your opponents in order to maximise your score. ‘Deathmatch Derby’ is an arena-based Derby with one simple objective – destroy your opponents before they destroy you with the aid of 3 lives and a multitude of power-ups. And finally, for the first time in FlatOut Head On, the Ragdoll Stunts take centre stage as a fully integrated component of the main Carnage Challenge mode. In High Jump drive the car down the ramp as fast as possible and launch your driver through the windscreen high into the sky and watch it slam into the metal net.

Play on all the featured modes included will be unlimited, however players will not be able to save their progress and no other features will be unlocked.

The FlatOut Head On PSP demo will be available for download from http://uk.playstation.com and the Empire Interactive website: http://www.empireinteractive.com from the 22nd February 2008.

FlatOut Head On is due for its European release on 14th March 2008 and will feature some of the most destructive hi-octane motorised anarchy handheld racing has ever seen.
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