En Masse Entertainment Announces that TERA is the #1 MMORPG on Steam
SEATTLE, May 21, 2015—En Masse Entertainment is excited to announce that its award-winning PC action MMORPG, TERA, is the most-played MMORPG on Steam.* This exciting milestone follows last year’s launch of the TERA: Fate of Arun expansion, and the recent introduction of the gunner class.

Since launching on Steam on May 5, 2015, TERA has seen explosive growth, with new and returning players pushing the total number of accounts to over 4.5 million in North America and 20 million worldwide! And those players have been busy—killing an average of 6 million BAMs (Big-Ass Monsters) and clearing 70,000 dungeons a day.

“En Masse Entertainment would like to thank our loyal and enthusiastic TERA community,” said Patrick Sun, Producer of TERA. “Their support and feedback has helped TERA continue to kick ass. We’d also like to thank and welcome our new players to TERA’s growing Steam community. With a focus on precision, positioning, and timing, TERA continues to deliver a true action combat experience to MMO fans and is more accessible than ever following its successful Steam launch.”

For more information about TERA on Steam, visit En Masse’s official FAQ and TERA’s game page on Steam. For more information about the new gunner class, visit the official class microsite.

Developed by Bluehole Inc., TERA is free-to-play and published by En Masse Entertainment in North America.

*Statement based on publicly available MCU (Maximum Concurrent User) statistics for the Steam platform via Steam Charts.

About TERA
Developed by Bluehole and published in North America by En Masse Entertainment, TERA is an award-winning MMORPG for the PC platform that takes the fight beyond the genre’s traditional point-and-click combat systems with enhanced aiming, dodging, and tactical timing to create an intense and rewarding combat experience. Explore a vast fantasy world rich with history, lore, and danger. Battle epic monsters. Make new friends and allies in a vibrant online community of like-minded adventurers navigating TERA's social, political and economic structures. With over 20 million global registered users, TERA continues to gain traction with fans through its active community and support. Download TERA and start playing for free today at TERA-online.com.

About En Masse Entertainment
Based in Seattle Washington, En Masse Entertainment embodies the evolution of modern game publishing. The company’s mission is to publish great games and provide great service. Beginning with En Masse’s inaugural title, TERA, and continuing with Zombies Monsters Robots, the company has built a track record of excellence and innovation. The team at En Masse includes experts in online technology, live service, branding, community, and player support, allowing them to thrive as a publisher in the digital era. For more information, visit EnMasse.com.
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