Play Cupid's Match Up, The Game of Love!
Company: EndBoss Games
EndBoss Games is excited to announce Cupid's Match Up, a mischievous matchmaking arcade game for anyone who feels like making the world a happier place. In this absolutely lovable game, you will help curly-headed Cupid match boys and girls who are ice-skating around a pond, completely unaware of the joy that awaits them. And matchmaking with Cupid's bow and arrows will not be piece of cake. Challenge comes with every new level as kids become faster and sneakier.

Cupid's Match Up lets you become a Cupid's assistant and help him match-up couples, skating on the ice-rink. Look for a boy and a girl who wear the same type of hats and shoot them with Cupid's arrows. Once you matched a couple, both characters joyfully disappear from the rink. To move to the next level, you have to clear all the couples from the screen. Always watch out for who you match-up. Badly matched couples will show distaste for one another and hit your Cupid with a snowball. Ring fences will help you protect Cupid from the onslaught of snowballs.

The full version of Cupid's Match Up offers such distinct features as:

Unlimited levels with lots of challenges and fun;

Five lovely musical tracks by Michael Huang and Mick Taylor;

Super cute characters and dynamic gameplay;

Vibrant 3D visuals and effects.

Pricing and Availability
Cupid's Match Up runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and costs $12.95 (USD). A 60-minute demo version of Cupid's Match Up is available as a free download at

About EndBoss Games
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