Enjoy Stylish Stylus Sleuthing With Mystery Detective on Nintendo Ds
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Milton Keynes, UK – March 23rd: Publisher 505 Games today solved the mystery of the missing game by announcing that Mystery Detective, the acclaimed puzzle adventure game for Nintendo DS, releases across Europe today.

Mystery Detective is an adventure game with a difference. Players join forces with young heroine Mackenzie, their on-screen buddy, on her quest for clues and justice using just the Nintendo DS touch screen and stylus. But this is no boring real-world detective story – Mackenzie joins a cast of outlandish characters who inhabit a fun and quirky cartoon world where nothing is as it seems and where a surprise lies around every corner.

Wide-eyed Mackenzie has recently inherited the family detective agency but lacks experience. The player must look after Mackenzie and act as her guide through the game world. Four challenging cases await and Mackenzie must solve them all if she is to be admitted into the prestigious Great Detective Agency Society.

While playing Mystery Detective, the player uses the stylus and touch screen to full effect by telling Mackenzie where to go as well as which suspicious areas and items to investigate. Evidence already collected can be examined in detail in the item screen, and suspects and witnesses can be interviewed and interrogated. The game has been created with the unique control system of Nintendo DS firmly in mind and offers a genuinely unique gameplay experience combining great storytelling, adventure, observation, puzzle-solving and conversation.

In addition to working on the four tough cases, the player and Mackenzie will meet an amazing cast of fun characters who spout witty dialogue and quirky comments. The game’s otherworldly audio and visual style helps secure Mystery Detective’s position as a unique gem and a game that is as fun and engaging to look at as it is to play.

Mystery Detective, from developer Success, releases on March 23rd, priced around £29.99, from publisher 505 Games.

About 505 Games
505 Games, headquartered in Milton Keynes, is a European publisher of full price, mid-range and budget price computer and videogames on all major gaming platforms.
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