CABAL Online's Largest Update Ever, Episode X: Gladiator Available Now!
Company: ESTsoft
April 10th, 2014 – IRVINE, CALIFORNIA

ESTsoft Inc., the North American based international game publishing arm of ESTsoft Corp., developer of the highly acclaimed hit free-to-play MMORPG, CABAL Online, is proud to announce the immediate release of CABAL Online’s largest content update yet: Episode X: Gladiator.

For the first time in CABAL history, a new battlestyle enters the fray. The fearsome Gladiator is a brand-new class with new armor, weapons, class-specific abilities, transformations, and more. Take control of the vicious Gladiator, an adept master of combat specializing in a mixture of long and short ranged attacks. Guide your fury to utilize new rage-consuming abilities exclusive to the Gladiator.

Enter the Forest of Nostalgia to experience an entirely new battlefield where the competition has never been more intense. An eerily familiar feeling overcomes you as you enter this MOBA-styled (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) PVP battleground. Rush towers, defend your lane, lay waste to wandering creeps, try your luck in the depths of the jungle, and ultimately destroy the enemy team’s Ancient Relic to win the day.

Masters of Chaos, a new challenge is calling. Episode X: Gladiator introduces an all-new dungeon… the deadly Infinity Arena. Battle to survive against wave after wave of brutally relentless foes. Only the bravest and most powerful champions will survive. The rewards will be substantial for those up to the challenge, but the only guarantee is an early demise for the unprepared.

The Chaos Upgrade system is now available. This is an entirely new upgrade system exclusively for Chaos items. Push your equipment beyond the limit as never before, but beware: If a Chaos Upgrade goes wrong, your equipment could be destroyed forever. Play it safe, or go for the “all or nothing” approach. The choice is yours. Are you feeling chaotic?

New equipment, costumes, hairstyles, achievements, dungeons, countless balance fixes, an entirely new battlestyle, and much more await you in the biggest CABAL update EVER: CABAL Online Episode X: Gladiator.

CABAL Online Episode X: Gladiator is available NOW for FREE.

See the Gladiator in action:

Launch CABAL Online to begin the update, or visit us at to sign up and experience the true revolution of action.

For more details about Episode X: Gladiator, see the full update review at the following link:

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