Europress Celebrates 200 Years of Jane Austen's Famous Novel with Hidden Anthologies: Pride and Prejudice
Company: Europress
5 February 2013 - Hampshire, UK/... Mixing traditional Hidden Object gameplay, with narrative driven plot and point and click style adventure elements, Hidden Anthologies: Pride and Prejudice is available now for PC, Mac and iOS devices. The title also includes a number of exciting mini games (or pastimes) to work through; such as the Picross style Cross Stitch puzzles and Pianoforte music challenge.

Featuring beautifully rendered scenes, emotive music and compelling gameplay, Hidden Anthologies: Pride and Prejudice will appeal to fans of the genre of all ages, but particularly to the millions of Jane Austen devotees around the world.

Key Features
· Closely and respectfully follows the story of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
· Beautifully rendered scenes; from Longbourn (the home of the Bennet family) to Pemberley (the sprawling estate of Mr Darcy).
· Character scenes, featuring a period-sympathetic hand-drawn style, with flowing narrative and key plot points.
· Core Hidden Object gameplay, with many scenes incorporating creative adventure elements. Help look after Jane while she is ill at Netherfield and make tea for a nervous pre-proposal Mr Darcy.
· Various “Pastimes” throughout the game break up the traditional gameplay. Such as torn letter jigsaw puzzles, spot-the-difference, Picross style Cross Stitch patterns, and an entertaining Pianoforte music challenge.
· Further challenging gameplay modes include cryptic object descriptions and deviously hidden pieces of Elizabeth’s diary to find. Luckily a comprehensive hint system will aid the player if they require it.

About Europress
Europress is a family video games publisher of more than 25 years standing. Publishing critically acclaimed software under the Art Attack, Spot the Dog, and Fun School brands, it has sold more than 2 million copies of software before falling under the stewardship of Koch Media after ownerships spells with Hasbro then Atari. Now firmly positioned as a family publisher proud of its British roots it has set about developing and publishing products that are of the same quality as its long standing brand credentials.