Dragon's Call: fighting, skills and items details!
Heads up, DC fans! Here are three new component instructions of the upcoming MMO game, Dragon's Call, including the monster fighting, the skills and the in-game items systems. As I mentioned before, the game components are massively unveiling, so I have to cut them into pieces before I could show them to you. Enjoy!

About Monster Fighting
Whether you want to level up your character, get items or do quests, you¡¯ll have to fight monsters in the wild. By killing monsters, you¡¯ll gain some items, money and experience, but you¡¯ll consume 1 Action Point for each monster you kill...

Characters of three professions are built up to possess different skill trees. Skill tree development will end up with a shift in one direction or the other. You are allowed to create a character with high proficiency in attack skills or secondary skills based on the combat you are engaged in. And you can reset skill points and redistribute them among skills available for your class...

In-game Items
Items are classified into four categories: Character Equipment, Potion, Accessory Items and Quest Items.
1. Character Equipment:
Character equipment include weapon, armor and jewelry
Weapon: Sword, Staff, Mage¡¯s Book and Dagger
Armor: Shield, Arm Guards, Boots, Leg Guards, Helmet and Suit
Jewelry: Ring and Necklace
2. Potion
Potion includes healing potion and stat boosting potion.
3. Accessory Items
Accessory Items: Lucky Gem, Synthetic Gem, Materials for Combination and Rune.
Lucky Gem is used for equipment refining
Synthetic Gem is used for equipment combination
Runes are socketed items allowing you to customize your equipment by giving them specific magical properties.
4. Quest Items
Quest items are used to complete quests.

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