Dragon's Call: job training system and game interface unveiled
In this newest state of Dragon's Call alpha test, we get the clue that the job system and the training system will be available in Dragon's Call, as well as details on the game interface.

First let's look at what job system and training system will turn up like in Dragon's Call:

About Job System
When working in different places, you'll obtain corresponding reputation rewards, as well as certain amounts of EXP and gold. And when your reputation reaches a certain level, you can also get preferential treatment and unexpected surprises accordingly.

Training Field
There is a training field in the town, where you can train your character by setting the bot to target a certain amount of monsters. No item will drop here, and less experience you'll gain from killing monsters compared with using bot in the wild. However, you can target more monsters here, and you're totally safe and don't have to consume Dragon Coins.

Then we dip into depictions of the game interface:

Game Interface
1. Character Stats Panel
  Equipment: to gear up, check out stats and allocate attribute points.
  Skill Tree: to distribute talent points.
  Quest: to check out quest progress and available quests.
  Warehouse: a place to store items.
  Combination: to get gear refine and combined.
  Embed: to embed or remove runes from equipment.

2. System Panel
  Dragon Coin: in-game virtual money which can be brought through using real money.
  Forum: the link directing to the official forum.
  Bug Report: to report bugs and/or submit suggestions.
  Help: to seek help.
  Exit: exit the game.

3. Game Scenes
When you enter a different scene, you will see a different interface on which you can switch between the towns and the wild.

4. Player Interaction
 You can open the Guild/Rankings/Mail/Friends/Chat panel.

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