Circus World out now!
Excalibur Publishing’s first in-house developed management title releases today on the 21st of September 2012! Take on the demanding role of a travelling circus manager as you search for new talent, invest in sideshows and travel the world to become the greatest show on Earth!

Starting your business in the UK with nothing more than a field and a circus tent, you’ll invest in growing your attractions and revenue by completing a variety of management duties. Set ticket prices, adjust the cost of merchandise and even take out a loan when things get tough.

• Take your cities across the world with 80 different locations
• Avoid bad weather when booking venues
• Invest and maintain side shows to bring in extra revenue and audience appreciation
• Hire circus performers and sell them to rivals to make a profit
• Be vigilant about your performer‘s health; pushing them too far could lead to an injury

Out now, prove that you can rise to the big top and create a spectacular show?

Trade & Press Information:

RRP: £24.99
Release: 21st September
Barcodes: PC - 5060020475023

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