F4 presents Exalight, a free online futuristic racing game
Company: F4
Developed by French studio F4, Exalight is an online competitive racing game set in a futuristic world. Players register & download it for free on any PC machine, and immediately start racing solo or in teams. Exalight takes them into its original universe for the thrill of quick, fast and intense races. The racing gameplay combines pure driving skills and tactical use of weapons and powers, while the overall gameplay brings in resource management, strategic selection of equipments, and a potential social dimension.

After installing the game and creating their avatar, players enter the free online 3D world of Exalight. Graphically inspired by anime, its original universe is home to four playable clans, each displaying very distinctive visual and driving attributes. This is the community space, where players get their first missions, and from where they access the racing tracks in up-to-10-players sessions.

This is when the serious stuff begins… Races are the beating heart and soul of Exalight, with vehicles floating above the ground up to 500 miles per hour! But while the various tracks bring out a progressive challenge for genuine pilot skills, the real-time collision detection turns every other competitor into an endless source of dread and thrill, therefore adding a tactical turn to each race: who should I use my weapons against? When and where should I trigger my powers?

Vessels, weapons and powers are progressively gained or unlocked. A resource management dimension is introduced here: players need to choose on which elements they want to spend the game credits they’ve collected through missions and races (in the shops of the community space). And thanks to the persistent world, all their purchases enrich their inventory from one gaming session to the next.

The strategic part of Exalight happens before each race. Players need to choose their vessel, for a start, depending on the track, the racing mode, and their potential role in the team. Then they can select one of their avatar’s special powers, and five of their vessel’s equipments: two passive modules (enhancing two of its characteristics), one active module (skid, boost…), and two weapons (one toward the rear, and one toward the back of the vessel).

Another of Exalight’s interesting features is the use of RPG gameplay elements to help players enter the game universe and discover its potential. New opportunities unlock as avatars complete missions or level up. The first ten levels, equivalent to a tutorial, are played within one hour, while the maximum level of 66 requires about 20 racing hours. Those gaming hours also are an opportunity for players to enter the community of Exalight, and develop the social aspects of the game: meeting people and customizing their avatar.

Thanks to the free-to-play model of Exalight, players can either unlock the whole content bit by bit for free, or buy elements according to the level of their avatar. Those who don’t like relying on the chance of random teams can use the community tools to group beforehand with friends. But whether players race solo or as teams, all Exalight challenges are awaiting them: fighting races, non-fighting races, deathmatch arenas, CTF arenas… Welcome to Exalight!

Available: now
System Requirements: Windows computer, 3D card
Connection requirements: high speed internet
Business model: free to play
Downloading URL: www.exalight.fr/en
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