Krater Mayhem MK13 DLC
Company: Fatshark
STOCKHOLM, Sweden. October 22, 2012. Fatshark is proud to announce that the Mayhem MK13 DLC to Krater is available now for $1.99 via Steam.

Mayhem Mk13, the pinnacle of aggressive assault technologies formed from the knowledge extracts of a Mutant Slayer's brain and the latest cybernetic limbs collected from the Underside. The Mayhem Mk13 will be your tank's best friend close up and your medikus' saviour from afar. Dare to delve deeper on high-risk excavation ventures where the Mayhem Mk13's tactical flexibility will be the difference between life and death.

The first of many planned cybernetic characters, the Mayhem Mk13 offers a new and exciting add-on for your team. It is a Hybrid melee assassin/ranged DPS class that combines high damage output in both close quarters and from a distance. He is also well suited for co-op since his guided strike ability is able to take out very powerful enemies entangled by other characters abilities.

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