Stronghold HD Out Now on Steam, Free For Owners of the Stronghold Collection
London , UK – 21st October 2013 – Morning, your Lordship! Stronghold HD and Stronghold Crusader HD are now available for purchase on Steam, with Lords and Ladies who already own the Stronghold Collection being given the new games free of charge. Players who do not own the Stronghold Collection can earn themselves 30% off and a free Stronghold Kingdoms Starter Pack by purchasing either game before 28/10/13. Launch trailers for both games can be found via the links below:

Stronghold HD -

Stronghold Crusader HD -

Stronghold HD and Stronghold Crusader HD update the classic castle building games with high definition graphics and the ability to play in real time with the entire map on a single screen. Remastered to support resolutions up to 2560x1600, these HD updates take advantage of modern PC hardware allowing players to see all the action on screen at once. Advance on the castle gates while flanking the enemy from behind, feign retreat and lead your foes into a deadly trap or just sit back and watch the destruction unfold!

Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader were originally released in 2001 and 2002 to critical acclaim and commercial success. Over the years the Stronghold series has grown to become one of the most enduring RTS franchises in gaming, with sales of more than 6 million. Firefly’s most recent success has been in the MMO genre with Stronghold Kingdoms, which currently has over 2 million players in over 100 countries. A sequel to the original Stronghold Crusader is set for release in early 2014, which will be self-published by Firefly Studios on Steam.

More information on Stronghold HD can be found at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @fireflyworlds.

About Firefly Studios
Firefly Studios is an independent PC game developer specialising in real-time strategy and MMO titles. Formed in 1999 by Simon Bradbury and Eric Ouellette, the company has brought to market a number of high profile and commercially successful strategy games, including the Stronghold series with lifetime sales of over five million. Firefly has offices in the UK and US. For more information please visit their website at or follow @fireflyworlds on Twitter.