Fireglow Games Annouced Today a New Batch Screenshots of Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
March 31, 2006 Fireglow Games announced today a new batch screenshots (please find attached) of "Sudden Strike 3:Arms for Victory" game.

About Sudden Strike3:Arms for Victory.

The game plot is real events of the World War II.

There will be four campaigns; two of them are on the Pacific islands, and two of them in Europe. The player will be able to play for the American or Japanese armies in the Pacific, and for the Allies or Germans in Europe. This will be the first RTS engine to render accurate vast marine and land battlefields. The game introduces tight team play between all arms of the fighting forces:

- Naval battles supported by aviations
There will be short- and long-range bomber, torpedo bombers, attack bombers, fighters, and transports.
Many players will be pleased by having mobile airfields.
Groups of ships with carriers will be a powerful force capable of not only to conduct operations at sea, but also to support the large ground operations (supported by carrier-based aircrafts and large-caliber on-ship guns).

- Submarines and aviation hunting enemy's transport ships caravans
Using different types of submarines in special operations, one can make sudden strikes on transports and battle ships of opponents; if the strike succeeds, the enemy will lose part of the reinforcement, and will lose opportunity to have significant navy.

- Radar systems will allow player to more successfully defend of air and naval attacks of opponents.

- Caravans of transport ships, supplying player with tanks, infantry, fuel, and ammo.

- Ports playing an important role in the game, because infantry and cargo are delivered there.

- Reconnaissance is one of constituent parts of the game, because land operations take vast territories.

There are many different features that are kept in secrecy yet, to reserve an opportunity to surprise Sudden Strike fans in the future.

Release of Sudden Strike 3 - Q 3, 2006.

About Fireglow

Fireglow ( is a developer and a publisher of PC games.
Fireglow developed the hugely popular Sudden Strike, Sudden Strike Forever, Sudden Strike 2, Sudden Strike:Resource War.
Fireglow games in development include Stranger (
Sudden Strike3:Arms For Victory ( ), and the MMORTS titles Sudden Strike Online and Stranger.
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