New realistic damage model for Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory
In the upcoming addon for Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory the damage model was fully reworked. We have also checked and corrected unitsí characteristics such as tower rotation speed, rate of fire, number of crew and ammunition. They are more correct from the historical point of view now.

You may read more detailed information, about the new damage model below.

With release of the addon, damage model in Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory will take into account the following factors:

Object durability (wood, stone, concrete):
Based on visual appearance of an object, (the material which it was built from), we can estimate overall toughness of the object. Concrete is the strongest material of the game. To destroy concrete bunker a howitzer of large caliber is required. After brick and stone buildings go, then wooden constructions. Wooden buildings can be destroyed by the microcaliber artillery and flame throwers.

Armor slope:
We have collected historical data about all armored forces. Not only armor thickness is taken into account, but also armor slope. When hit in the armored part of object at a high angle, the bigger power of shell is required to break it. Sometimes, shells with insufficient power simply ricochet, and do not damage the object at all.

Types of shells:
The following types of shells are implemented in the game: armor-piercing, subcalibre, high-explosive, cumulative and incendiary. All shells have historical characteristics depending on the weapon firing , and have a penetration ability corresponding to values taken from the penetration tables.

The armor penetration and damage of internal object's structures:
If an armor piercing or subcalibre shell breaks through armor, it has a chance to destroy internal structure of the object in the point of the hit. For example, if a shell hits a thread, tank will be immobilized. Hits to the tower inflict damage to the tank's crew. Another example are the flamethrowers. They virtually couldn't damage a tank, but hitting an SPG or tank with open gun turret, destroys it's crew with ease.