Global Soccer - new MMORPG sport game
Company: Firekom S.A.
Firekom, a Polish game developing team, is proud to present its debut production, an online MMO game called Global Soccer a virtual world which has been created to meet the needs of football fans from all over the world. Everyone can become a football star!

Global Soccer is an online game designed to bring the passion of football into the virtual reality.

First, players make up their mind as to what position they wish to play on. Then, all they need is a mixture of talent, skills and a bit of luck to become a rich and famous football star. Every Global Soccer players get the chance to build up their confidence, abilities and competence on the pitch. They can help the goalkeeper defend their goal, assist their teammates in attacking or shooting goals for the team. In other words do everything a good footballer should do to become a legendary striker, an epic midfielder or a significant defender.

Since Global Soccer is an MMORPG, it becomes a place of meeting players from all over the world. One of the greatest advantages of the game is that the players get the chance to play with or against real people who might be miles away from one another. Not only can the players meet up at the different stadiums of GS but they are also able to socialize outside the pitch and create their common football clubs to reach out for the best trophies together. Moreover, they earn their own money which in turn can be spent to progress faster, to improve their standard of living as well as to gain prestige and fame.

The ever-developing Global Soccer city offers many interesting places. There is a disco where you can have a drink, a restaurant to grab something to eat, a shopping center where the trendiest clothes can be bought as well as a park or a beach to take a deep breath, relax and contemplate the beauty of the world. There are also some mysterious surprises hidden around the whole city waiting for the players to discover them. What is more, the city is always alive and there is always something to do so it is never dull nor tedious but busy and vibrant.

Global Soccer is in the open beta version and is already being tested. It is available in different language versions. As the Global Soccer family keeps growing, the number of testers keep growing. Everyone wishing to start their career as virtual footballers can become a Global Soccer tester as the developers always listen to the voice of their players and try to implement most of the changes they suggest into the game. In that way Global Soccer players are actively involved in the process of development of the game. The game is available on Visit the website and find us on Facebook to find out more about the game and the players. Join the Global Soccer family and become a world-class football player.

About Firekom S.A.

Founded in 2007, Firekom has released many 3D animations, visualizations and graphic designs. During this time, the company's computer projects have served different aims. After three years of gathering experience and competent staff, Firekom started working on new kinds of projects computer games developing some innovative features. This trend continues until today. Global Soccer is the latest and one of the biggest products so far. See more details on ;
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