Royal Revolt II: King Vs. King is Coming - Winter 2013!
Company: flaregames
KARLSRUHE , Germany – August 8, 2013 – flaregames GmbH, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, today announced that the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning mega-hit Royal Revolt! is coming this Winter. The game will appear on leading smartphones and tablets and will be downloadable for free. Royal Revolt II is being developed in Frankfurt by franchise creators Keen flare, a joint venture of flaregames and keen games.

The prince, who is the hero of the Royal Revolt series, has grown up and become King after defeating his evil relatives and regaining the throne that was rightly his after the death of his father. But, the world is full of kings, and now the real battle begins.

Like its predecessor, Royal Revolt II brings new momentum to the Tower Defense genre. Just as Royal Revolt! reversed the tower defense genre that put players in the role of attacker instead of defender, the successor also brings a unique innovation to the genre. For the first time, players take on both roles. The sequel offers impressive 3D gameplay now in defense of their own castle.

The game begins as the player sets up their own castle and defensive wall. This includes the construction and installation of defensive towers and obstacles and allows the player to build in an intuitive mode with just a few touches.

PvP battles in Royal Revolt II are epic with infinite strategic options for players on both sides. Everyone needs to protect their treasure while defending against enemy attacks. The goal is to dominate your enemies and steal as much of their gold as possible while defeating their attacks, or defenses.

"Royal Revolt! was the title that really put us on the map in the smartphone market - with the next title, we are again setting a new standard! The early prototypes are already incredibly fun, and we‘re confident we have a hit in the making with Royal Revolt II”, said Klaas Kersting, CEO of flaregames.

"We can‘t wait to release Royal Revolt II to our millions of fans. We‘re working hard on the game and of course hope we can deliver another great, innovative and exciting game for the fans like we did with the original Royal Revolt!," added Pete Walentin, Managing Director of Keen Flare GmbH.

About flaregames
Based in Karlsruhe, flaregames has a highly motivated team of veterans and new talent to create and deploy a new generation of mobile games. The company, founded in 2011, creates games for smartphones and tablets. The pipeline currently has a number of titles for mainstream and mid-core gamers. The games are extensive, deep experiences, that offer long-lasting fun and best of all are free ("free to play").

The founder of the company, Klaas Kersting, previously of Gameforge, has a proven track record of success, growing his last company into a global player with 500 employees and over €100 million in annual revenue.

Investors in the startup include renowned international venture capital firms Accel Partners and T-Venture.

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