TUNNELERS - Free action game. Global BETA officially released
Bratislava, April 4th, 2012 -- Independent game studio Floating Minds is announcing free online action shooter game Tunnelers - available to play from next week.

“Earth, year 2159. Carretium, the ultimate energy mineral found under the surface of planet Earth started the new era of prestige and power. However, harvesters discovered the secret that should have been buried underground forever… and the battle for survival starts!”

Tunnelers provides fast action where players fight in underground environments with tanks and cooperate in teams in several game modes. Players can stand for two different sides, each using a unique technology, choose from different kinds of tanks and boost them with various upgrades and secondary weapons during the game. Players collect awards and achievements to raise the scoreboards and level up to unlock more content.

Main game features
multiplayer online game engine for thousands of players
three multiplayer game modes
12 vehicles/tanks
50+ awards and achievements
7 secondary weapons
teaming and cooperation game play
dynamic, action controlled music soundtrack
detailed player statistics and scoreboards
FREE to play

Full version of game is available at www.tunnelers.com for free. Premium accounts can be bought for some extra functionality such as premium tanks, premium weapons, the ability to get more points and more.

In connection with the official announcement of the game, every BETA tester will be awarded a special medal as a recognition of indie game development.

About FloatingMinds
Floating Minds was established as an independent game developer in 2009. Behind Floating Minds, there are young and talented people with interest and passion to break through in the video game industry globally. Since Tunnelers is a project from gamers to gamers, feedback of players is and will be crucial to make it great fun.
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