World of Battles' battlefields and Beta are open!
Frogwares is pleased to announce that its free online strategy game, World of Battles' Beta is now open to all! Many armies from all around the world are already waiting for you to compete in gigantic battles. To celebrate this big event, we are also pleased to release the official Teaser for this incredible strategy game. The video will give you a glimpse of the epic battles that await you.

Without delay, come visit the official website to sign up and begin to play! Build your army, equip, train and launch it into unforgettable battles. Seize victory over your enemies and impose yourself as the Warlord of a World of Battles!

Developped by Frogwares, World of Battles® is a free, massively multiplayer real-time strategic game. In a fantasy medieval universe, nine races fight a terrible war for world domination. Choose your side, recruit, train and equip units in order to create a powerful army able to face in intense battles opposing armies created by other players. Take part in huge battles in order to establish yourself as a warlord and progress in the online World of Battles’® ranking system. Players are free to connect for quick play and to participate in one of the many official tournaments of World of Battles®.

In the game, you will discover a unique system for customizing your units and soldiers. You'll be able to personalize the appearance of each one of your soldiers with a very high level of detail. Before launching into your first battles, you'll need to prepare your troops, because if you don't, your army will surely take a beating.

Once you're ready to fight, gameplay switches to real time strategy mode. Take command of your armies and show everyone who's the greatest warlord in the war-torn battlefields of World of Battles ®. You can also join friends to confront other clans in titanic guild wars in which tactics and teamwork will be essential to become the most powerful army of all.

Free, accessible to all and with higher technical ambitions than other current free internet games, World of Battles ® allows everyone to share an intense and unique online gaming experience.

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