New version of Advanced Tactical Center released!
Foolish Entertainment is proud to announce a new version of Advanced Tactical Center (ATC).

ATC is a free application for clans and communities who wish to take their gaming to the next level.
Plan, create and discuss tactics together before playing a game. With the provided palette of tools everyone can make advanced tactics swift and easy. Take full advantage of ATC to make sure your whole clan improves in online performance and gain the upper hand on your rival clans!

The new version of ATC is the first version to be completely customizable for any game! Now the powerful tool can be geared toward your favorite games and tweaked to your needs by creating Gamepacks containing your own images and icons. You can also join the ATC community to share and download new Gamepacks!

Since release of the first ATC in 2003, the various products in the series have been downloaded more than 300 000 times. With over 1600 clans registered worldwide this is the tool that no serious clan can be without.

Features include:
- Fully customizable for any game.
- Share your Gamepacks with other users.
- Pre-bundled support for 9 popular online games including BF Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2.
- Extremely easy to use. Create detailed tactics within minutes.
- A wide selection of tools to help you visualize your tactics.
- Download and use, completely free!

ATC is available for download at

About Foolish Entertainment
Foolish Entertainment is an independent software developer located in Sweden a few miles south of Stockholm. Founded in the year 1999, Foolish Entertainment started working early to create applications for the online community.
Their first project, ATC for Battlefield 1942, was released in 2003 and it quickly became a huge success with its great design and easy-to-access features.
Since then Foolish Entertainment has collaborated with Ubisoft and Dice/EA to customize ATC for several of their biggest games including Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Battlefield 2.